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Hello Good Neighbor



Who are we?

What is our mission?

How can we help you?

We are everyday people like yourself that have decided to come together and reach out

to you so you may know you are not ALONE.


We want to hear your feelings about your

school district and parent interaction rights, city services, county concerns, your state

representative’s empathy to your concern(s).

We will gather your feelings and along with all our other Good Neighbors, create a

strong message to our local and state representatives so they will become aware that their constituents are concerned and watching.


They will know it will NOT be business

as usual.

  1. We want to communicate about what issues are of concern to you as neighbors.

  2. We want to collaborate with you about what you think we can do to help fix these concerns as neighbors.

  3. We want you to see we have commonground as neighbors no matter your race, creed or religion.


Because we are neighbors, we care about our community, our children, our seniors, our veterans and where our money is going.

Please fill out this form to Volunteer to help us Be a Good Neighbor and help others to see truth.

Want to learn more?
Email us at

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